Welcome to Midwest Moodle Moot

Martin Dougiamas pulls buggy

Martin Dougiamas having some fun at Midwest Moodle Moot

Midwest Moodle Moot was a gathering held each summer from 2009-2013 for educators, administrators and business leaders interested in online education. Thank you to the many great presenters, participants, sponsors, and organizers that made each event a wonderful success. Due to my schedule and the need for a break, there will be no Midwest Moodle Moot in 2014. Subscribe to our newsletter for future Midwest Moodle Moot updates.

I recommended the following locally organized 2014 Moodle Moots in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain areas.  See you there!

Mountain Moot

Mountain Moodle Moot

The Mountain Moot takes place July 9-11 at Carroll College in Helena, MT.  Conference presentation proposals are being accepted now.  Early registration ends April 25. If you use the promotional code “midwest” (no quotes), you will receive $10 off any registration.  Pre-conference workshops are available.


Ohio Moodle Moot

The Ohio Moot takes place June 19-20 at the Mid-Ohio Conference Center in Mansfield, OH.  Conference presentation proposals are accepted until May 10.  Discounts are available for group registrations.

I also recommend the following conference as an excellent venue to learn about technology in education and to meet people who are dedicated to best practices in online learning with a variety of learning management platforms.

slateSLATE Conference

In 2013 SLATE and Midwest Moodle Moot held a very successful combined conference.  SLATE is a Chicago-based organization that supports learning and technology in education.  Although the SLATE conference does not focus solely on Moodle, there will be a number of Moodle users and/or presenters at the conference.  The 2014 SLATE Conference will take place October 22-24 in Naperville, IL.